Welcome to Vasa Park!
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Vasa Park is a tranquil 25 acre property situated along the beautiful Fox River, featuring towering mature oak trees and wide open space. Vasa Park holds numerous community events throughout the year, celebrating Scandinavian and Nordic traditions, including: music, art, crafts, food, and dance. These events are open to the public and persons of all ethnicities are welcome to join and enjoy. Vasa Park also serves as a learning center for local schools and scouting organizations.
'Thank You' to all of our Supporters

The board of Vasa Park would like to thank all members, supporters, organizations and companies that have donated this year to help keeping Vasa Park up and running during the Covid-19 Pandemic. As you all know this was, and still is, a challenging year for Vasa Park since we had to cancel most events planned for 2020. The revenue from these events, as well as income from membership dues, direct donations and rentals, are all vital for us to maintain and improve Vasa Park.

The Vasa Park board started a Covid-19 Fundraising Initiative earlier this year and the response has been overwhelming. The current result of the Covid-19 Fundraiser Initiative is shown below. There are also links to lists of 2020 general supporters as well as Covid-19 Fundraising supporters below. However we are still below our target, so any additional donations are always welcome. We also encourage supporters of Vasa Park to become members.

Fundraising Status as of October 1, 2020

Donations$13,540 of $20,000
Donation Match$3,000 of $3,000
Total$16,540 of $23,000